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Witness the division International speech contest, Saturday, 21st April

We had our club round of the International speech and evaluation contest on the 14th March, and are very proud Fiona Clayton and Rachael Siggers took top spots.  They will now represent us at the area level round. Woohoo!

The area contest will be held at Godiva Speakers, Coventry on Sunday 8th April, from 12:00 – 17:00. Rachael and Fiona will be up against the best speakers from Bullring Speakers in Birmingham, Deutsche Bank in Birmingham, Walsall Speakers in Walsall, Shropshire Speakers in Telford, Godiva Speakers in Coventry, and Heart of England Speakers in Knowle. Should be a treat!

Support Fiona, Rachael and the area contest!

We’d like as many members to come along and support our Fiona and Rachael as possible! to let us know if you are coming to support.

The contest needs timekeepers, counters, contest chairs and chief judges and, most importantly, at least 1 judge from each club. Please note that these judges need to be CC6 or above. If you can, please let Tanya know you can do a role by using the link:


Fiona Clayton and Rachael Siggers, winners at the club round of the Toastmasters International speech and evaluation contest at Spa Speakers.

What happens next?

Whoever wins will represent our area at the next level up, the division finals, which comprises of 6 areas and over 30 clubs. The division is massive, stretching as far north as Newcastle and as far south as, well, us! (a 215 mile stretch!) We’d love it if Rachael and Fiona can earn a spot at the division finals, and it would be amazing if Spa Speakers could support them if so! Whatever happens, it’s still worth going along: the contest is hugely educational as you’ll witness the best speakers of the division doing their thing. Fiona gained lots of learnings when she competed last year, and even wrote an article about what she saw on what made for a great speech. Have a read!

the Division contest will be held at Durham Cathedral on 21st April, between 10:00 and 16:00. There will also be an educational workshop element too, so even more reasons to go.

Count me in, I’m going to the division finals!

Great! You can find out a more about the arrangements and register to attend by clicking here. Registration is important to ensure catering and room arrangements match the expected attendance so do let them know.

Go for it!


Durham Cathedral. What a venue for the division contest!

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