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Who’s going to be on next year’s committee?

It’s that time of year again!

Every July, Spa Speakers welcomes a new committee to run the club for a year. This current committee is getting towards the end of its tenure and now the search is on for our next set of leaders. We are hoping to select the new committee by end of June.

And, yes, we are looking at YOU!

Why would I even want to?

It’s a ton of fun: you’d be suprised how much.

It’s incredibly rewarding: it’s an honour to lead a club as fun and vibrant as Spa Speakers.

It’s an unrivalled learning experience: You’ll learn leadership skills you might never get a chance of trying in your workplace.

Surely it takes a tonne of time?

Nope! Because there are a number of roles that make up the committee, when everyone works together it doesn’t take that much time. Yes, you can put in as much or as little time into your role as you want, but the baseline time requirement for each role is as follows:

The committee also has….wait for it…..monthly committee meetings! As you’d expect this is where club business is discussed. What’s great is that, unlike most committee meetings, they are actually fun and productive!

Each committee members will also attend a Club Officer Training event twice a year to make sure they are fully apprised of all the goings-on at Toastmasters, and to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to keep Spa Speakers a President’s Distinguished Club award winner!

If you can spare a couple of hours a week max, you’ve got enough time to enjoy being a committee member!

I wouldn’t mind but I haven’t got the skills to be on the committee…

Spa Speakers is first and foremost a place to learn and develop. It’s not uncommon for a member who has been with the club for only a couple of months to take on a committee role. Being on the committee is a place to LEARN the skills you don’t yet have, and then take them to the workplace. If you want practical experience to build your leadership skills, there is no better way than serving on the committee.

None of the roles require a huge amount of technical skill. If you can talk, listen, email, pick up the phone and use a computer to write stuff up you’re in contention!

The main requirements for being on the committee is enthusiasm and a bit of time!

I’ve only just joined. Surely it’s too early?

There have been so many members who within a month or two of joining the club assumed committee roles (myself included!) There is no “minimum time with club” requirement to join the committee, although some of the bigger roles (e.g. president) are better suited to members with more experience at the club.

You don’t really mean me when you say you want people to be on the committee, do you?

We really do mean you!! We want you, yes, you!

Interest piqued? Want to find out more? Then get in touch by emailing!

I don’t know anything about any of the roles though!

Not to worry! The committee will be sending out a series of emails that will outline each of the committee roles to give you a better sense of what they entail and why they’d be a great way to develop your leadership skills.

Watch this space!

In the meantime, here is a very basic description of each of the roles. Click here!

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