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What on earth does the Vice President of Education do?

Not the ideal candidate for VPE. The scowling, judgemental glare makes him a no!

If you were the Vice President of Education, what would you do?

How long a time commitment is it?

The baseline time requirement for the Vice President of Education is 2 hours per meeting, but of course you can do more if you like. The Vice President of Education is the second most senior role on the committee and therefore entails a certain amount of responsibility.

Want to be a major part of the future success of Spa Speakers? Then read on!

Why should I take on the role?

The VPE leads the educational program at Spa Speakers and is arguably the most important role on the committee. You’ll oversee and direct the educational progress of over 40 members, and be responsible for the main reason members joined the club in the first place.

The role requires the holder to develop significant leadership competence; strong organisation, effective delegation, the ability to motivate, good time management, competence in planning, effective team building, mentoring skills and, last but not least, a friendly, approachable demeanour. Being VPE is an unparalleled opportunity to take on a significant, impactful leadership role and develop skills which you can transfer to your work, business or organisation.

The role will get you to know every member of the club very well (you’ll be assigning all of them roles and speech slots after all!) and there is huge satisfaction to be gained from encouraging people to progress to become more confident speakers.

By taking on the VPE role you will be right at the heart of the club. Finally, being VPE is a great role for anyone thinking about becoming president.

You would organise and schedule all of our regular meetings

The VPE ensures all of our regular meetings are set up. That means making sure all the meeting roles and speech slots are filled at every meeting. When this does not happen, we get omnishambles! The VPE therefore is key to having smooth and professional meetings.

Thankfully, the VPE is not alone; she will work with the designated Toastmaster of the evening, both in advance of the meeting and also on the night itself, to have all roles cast and to deal with the disruption caused by no-shows. Making sure everyone turns up depends on role invitations and reminders being sent out on a timely basis, and often requires lots of chasing. (Therefore, if you get a meeting or speech invitation, make your VPE’s life easier and respond straight away!)

Toastmasters International recommends club meetings are scheduled at least three weeks in advance.

You would lead the educational program

The VPE would be responsible for guiding members towards achieving their educational awards, be it Pathways, or the Competent Leader and Competent Communicator program awards. This entails identifying when members are ready to do more challenging meeting roles for the first time and making sure all members are scheduled to give their next speech in the near future. The VPE would enlist the support of both the Mentor Manager and the member’s mentor to ensure every Spa Speaker remains fully engaged with the educational program. No member is forgotten!

After roles and speeches are done, logging and filing progress towards educational achievements is necessary for the members to recieve certification and recognition for their efforts. This is done online via the D71, TMI and Base Camp websites.

Finally, for meeting roles and speeches to count towards an educational award, members must have them evaluated by a fellow member. The VPE plays the crucial role of regularly and persistently reminding members to bring their educational manuals so they can be signed off!

You would schedule and organise regular educational speeches and workshops

To assist in the educational progress of all members, educational speeches and workshops based on the Toastmasters Better Speaker Series, Successful Club Series and Leadership Excellence series would be arranged throughout the year. These would be incorporated into our regular club meetings, or additional evenings would be booked so as not to take up scarce speech slot time.

You would ensure new members are active participants as soon as they join

The VPE would endeavour to schedule new members to do meeting roles from the moment they join, and have their Icebreaker scheduled shortly after joining. The VPE would select new members to do “easier” roles such as Meet and Greet, Cafeteria, Photographer of the Evening or Sergeant at Arms in the first few meetings to help them to acquaint with other members and club protocols without throwing them in the deep end! You would coordinate with the Mentor Manager to ensure the new member is supported by a mentor when doing roles and speeches for the first time when support is most required, and intervene where necessary if a mentor has not been assigned or is not available.

You would keep the committee apprised of all VPE activity

The VPE will share everything important about the educational program with the committee so the right actions can be taken. When members get awards, where members are progressing well, when you suspect a member is disengaging, if you feel the member is not being supported by their mentor, the VPE will share this information.

You would facilitate the organisation of club contests

We run contests 2-3 times a year. The VPE will aim to delegate the organisation of our contests to a club member, ideally one who wishes to complete a project towards a leadership educational award. As VPE, you would support them through the process to ensure the contest is well organised and follows the requisite rules.

You would lead the process of presenting educational awards

When members achieve educational awards, the VPE will make sure they are celebrated by the club. The VPE will also lead the process of awarding our regular STAR award for members who have made a big contribution to the club OR have made a big leap in their progress. The process for selecting our annual Toastmaster of The Year awards for most improved member and dedication will also be led by the VPE.


The VPE is arguably the most important role on the committee. Without an effective VPE the club cannot be a success. Whoever holds the role will have a huge impact of the educational progress of a large number of people, and at the same time will develop an incredible range of leadership skills that can be transferred outside of the club.

If you are interested in taking on the role or want to find out more, get in touch with the committee at the next meeting OR email

We’d love you to be our Vice President of Education!

How the VPE of Spa Speakers might look over his charges (dress code optional)

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