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What on earth does the President do?

The President should be a role model for the club. Integrity, Service, Respect, Excellence.

Spa Speakers is looking for the next set of leaders for our wonderful club for the period July 2018 – June 2019! The current committee hopes to have the new committee in place by end of April and so begins the process of making members aware of the incredible opportunity leading the club presents.

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This educational email has been created to help members understand what being the Club President entails and why it’s a great learning opportunity.

So, if you were the President, what would you do?

First of all, how long a time commitment is it?

The baseline time requirement for the President is 1 hour a week, but of course you can do more if you like. It’s also worth adding that the role is best suited to a more experienced member, and ideally one who has had committee experience previously.

Want to be a major part of the future success of Spa Speakers? Then read on!

Why should I take on the role?

As President you’ll lead an organisation of over 40 members, and be responsible for making it a fun, friendly and supportive place and ensuring each and every member’s educational goals at the club are acheived.

Being President is not dissimilar to being the boss of a small company. You get to oversee an education program, a recruitment program, the financial management of a club, oversee efficient operations, ensure the atmosphere and culture is an enjoyable one, and most importantly, make sure members are happy and getting what they want from the club. Lots to think about! It’s an incredible leadership opportunity and you will learn a tonne.

If you’ve ever wondered what being the head of your own small business might feel like, this is it! I can’t think of a better way of gaining leadership training than taking on being President.

You would lead the club in meeting it’s goals

Toastmasters International measures the success of a club through the Distinguished Club Program. Clubs are scored on: how well they support members achieve educational awards; their success in recruiting new members; club officers undertaking requisite training; and whether core administration tasks such as collecting dues and reporting when new officers are elected are done on time. The President leads with the aim of winning the President’s Distinguished Club Award, the highest award possible for a Toastmasters club. (We have got this award for 12 of the last 14 years, so it’s really important we continue to succeed here!)

You would open and close club meetings

The President sets the tone of the club by kicking off each meeting. During these segments, the President will:

  • set the tone of the meeting
  • welcome guests and introduce the organisation to them
  • introduce new members to the club
  • make announcements about club, area, division and district events
  • share important notices
  • celebrate and recognise member achievements
  • ensure meetings start on time, end on time and are efficient and well organised

You would participate and support the area, division and district

The President would attend and vote at area and district council meetings, as well at the International Convention either by attendance or by proxy. The club may be asked to host or support Toastmasters events, such as contests or training days. The President would ensure that support was provided.

You would conduct club officer elections by deadlines

Toastmasters clubs elect a new committee each year, and for Spa Speakers to achieve the President’s Distinguished Award, a complete committee must be in place and names submitted to Toastmasters International before 1st July.  The President is responsible for the election of that committee being completed on time. They are also responsible for filling out any vacancies that might open up during the course of the year.

You would lead the committee to ensure all aspects of the club are running well

The President will set goals and provide direction for the committee to enable it to provide the best possible experience for it’s members, and ensure the club is as effective as possible in all aspects of it’s functioning. This means communicating and listening effectively to every member of the committee during regular meetings, between meetings, and at committee meetings. Being effective in delivering the club agenda with the support of the committee is at the heart of the role of the President.


The President sets the tone for the club and can make a big difference to the experience members have attending Spa Speakers, for good and for ill! It’s a hugely rewarding role, with tonnes of opportunity to learn and grow. Every President has there own style, but what unites them all is a passion and enthusiasm for the club, an understanding and respect for the incredible power of the Toastmasters educational program, and a strong desire to serve and to give back.

Spa Speakers is an amazing club. If you want it to remain that way, why don’t you consider being President?

If you are interested in taking on the role or want to find out more, get in touch with the committee at the next meeting OR email

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