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What on earth does the Mentor Manager do?

Spa Speakers is looking for the next set of leaders for our wonderful club for the period July 2018 – June 2019! The current committee hopes to have the new committee in place by end of April and so begins the process of making members aware of the incredible opportunity leading the club presents.

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This educational email has been created to help members understand what the Mentor Manager role entails and why it’s a great learning opportunity.

So, if you were the Mentor Manager, what would you do?

First of all, how long a time commitment is it?

The baseline time requirement for the Mentor Manager is around 30 minutes a week. The role holder however is free to more if they so wish.

Have half an hour a week a spare? Then read on!

A caveat…

It should also be noted that the Mentor Manager is not an “official” Toastmasters committee position, but something unique to our club. The role was created because mentoring is very important, but the Vice President of Education has much to do and cannot give this aspect the attention it deserves. One consequence of this role being “unofficial” is that if the Mentor Manager attends a Club Officer Training event, it does not contribute credit towards a DCP point. That said, attending Club Officer events is highly recommended for the educational value they offers.

What is the role all about?

A mentor at Spa Speakers is someone a member can easily and comfortably get in touch with whenever they would like advice or support on any aspect of the club. The aspiration is for each and every member to have a really effective and engaged mentor.

A club bonded together by members personally invested in each other through strong 1-2-1 mentoring partnerships is a strong club. When everyone has a personal mentor, then there can be no member left behind or hanging tenuously to the peripheries of the club’s community; everyone is connected to the heart of the club.

When everyone has a mentor looking after them, when a member is absent for a few meetings, it is always noticed by someone in the club and acted on.

When everyone has a mentor looking after them, should a member have a less than ideal experience, this is always noticed and addressed by someone at the club.

When everyone has a mentor looking after them, should a member have a questions or concern at any time, they will always have someone to whom they can easily get answers.

The Mentor Manager is the person responsible for ensuring we achieve this aspiration for the club.

Are we there yet? No. Mentoring is something that the club needs to get stronger at, and we are only at the beginning of the journey of making it a core strength of the club. That’s why having an effective and passionate Mentor Manager is so important.

Why should I take on the role?

Because there is so much opportunity to strengthen mentoring at Spa Speakers; the Mentor Manager has a chance to make major, lasting positive change to the club.

Some ideas:

  • More could be done increase the number of mentors in the club so more members are able to offer support to new starters
  • More could be done to help existing mentors improve core skills such as active listening, goal-setting,  critical thinking and interpersonal effectiveness
  • More could be done to ensure more experienced members get help towards acheiving their personal development and growth
  • More could be done to monitor and act on situations where a relationship hasn’t worked out ideally

Finally, it’s important to state that to do this role well, you have to get to know every single member of the club; another great reason to take it on.

Got better ideas? We’d love you to step up!

You would assign every new member a mentor within a couple of weeks of them joining

The Vice President of Membership will advise when a new member has joined. This is when your search begins to find a suitable mentor for them. You’ll need to evaluate the prospective mentor’s experience, capacity to mentor more people (are they already mentoring?), available time and, importantly, whether they would make for a good partner.  You’ll make the introduction between mentor and mentee, provide both with educational materials and, should the need arise, extend a hand of support should either party need it as they get acquainted with each other.

The initial steps a mentor should take when starting work with a new mentee are laid out in the club’s Mentoring flyer, stored at Helen Ley in the Vice President of Education storage box. A copy should be given to each mentor and mentee when they meet. A PDF copy can be viewed by clicking here.

You would identify ways to support more experienced members

More experienced members might need a different approach to new members when it comes to mentoring. Many experienced members find it sufficient to have someone nudging and cajoling them to do speeches and and take on new challenges. That’s easy enough. Where a more experienced has a specific need, or would like to improve some aspect of their speaking that maybe a strength of another member, the Mentor Manager can play facilitator. However, being effective in supporting more experienced members remains uncharted territory for us as a club. More definitely can be done. Are you up for the challenge?

You would monitor how well mentoring relationships are going and intervene as appropriate

Not every mentoring relationship works out. Members might not connect, or one party or the other becomes too busy and the relationship thins. It’s up to the Mentor Manager to remain aware and take action where appropriate.

You would take steps to improve the quality of mentoring offered at the club

Writing articles on the Spa Speakers website, sending educational emails, running workshops and doing educational speeches that help members become better mentors is major part of a great Mentor Manager’s role.

The first priority for the Mentor Manager is to encourage mentors and mentees to contact each other regularly and make a habit of scheduling in their next meeting so a pattern of continuous contact is established. Another is encouraging strong rapport to be established at the early stages of the mentoring relationship by having the mentor/mentee pair meet at least once face to face, ideally outside the constraints of regular club meetings at the outset.


The Mentor Manager is not a core part of the committee according to Toastmasters, but it is vital to the success of Spa Speakers.

If you are interested and want to find out more, get in touch with the committee at the next meeting OR email

We’d love you to be our Mentor Manager!

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