Spa Speakers

What does the committee actually do?

Committee members meet once a month to work on matters relating to Spa Speakers. This includes promoting the club, achieving the educational goals mandated by Toastmasters International, and generally provide the best possible experience to our members.

The topics discussed at meetings are diverse. Here is a flavour of what we discuss:

  • Ensuring each of our members are getting the most out of Spa Speakers
  • Organising educational and social events
  • Promoting the club
  • Improving our members experience
  • Celebrating members’ successes
  • And much much more!

The variety of what goes on keeps things very interesting, and it’s truly satisfying helping the club be as good as it can be!

Reaching out beyond Spa Speakers

Committee members are required to attend Officer Training Days on a regular basis to ensure the club is abreast of the changes going on in Toastmasters at a district, regional, and International level. Because these occasions are attended by the committees of other clubs in the district, they provide a great opportunity for Spa Speakers to discover ways to improve from the experience of others.

Setting the example

Last, but not least, the committee sets the example for the club. At all times we should exemplify the organisation’s highest values: integrity, respect, service and excellence. If any aspect of the club doesn’t match this standard, please let us know. It’s important!

Why join the committee?

  1. It’s a ton of fun: you’d be suprised how much.
  2. It’s incredibly rewarding: it’s an honour to lead a club as fun and vibrant as Spa Speakers.
  3. It’s an unrivalled learning experience: You’ll learn leadership skills you might never get a chance of trying in your workplace.

You might be thinking, “I’ve just joined” or “I don’t know if I have the skills”. Remember, Spa Speakers is first and foremost a place to learn and develop. It’s not uncommon for a member who has been with the club for only a couple of months to take on a committee role. Being on the committee is a place to LEARN the skills you don’t yet have, and then take them to the workplace. If you want practical experience to build your leadership skills, there is no better way than serving on the committee.

It’s also worth reinforcing that none of the roles require a huge amount of technical skill. If you can talk, listen, email, pick up the phone and use a computer to write stuff up you’re in contention!

The main requirements for being on the committee is enthusiasm and a bit of time!

So what are the roles and what do they involve? Read on!

Role descriptions

See below for a brief introduction to each of the committee roles. For detailed role descriptions click the relevant links. And if you are curious to find out more about a particular position, please speak to the current role holder!


The President presides over the club, keeps the committee on track, deals with any issues that might arise within the club and facilitates a positive learning environment.

Want to know more? Read a detailed description by clicking here

Vice President of Education

The Vice President of Education (VPE) looks after the club educational program. All Toastmaster International clubs are mandated to achieve certain educational targets during the year. It is the VPE who makes sure that happens. The role holder monitors and assigns speeches and meeting roles in accord with individual and club level goals. It’s probably the most important role! If you get satisfaction from helping others achieve their goals, this might be the role for you!

Want to know more? Read a detailed description by clicking here

Vice President of Membership

The Vice President of Membership (VPM) ensures guests are given a friendly and informative welcome to the club.  The VPM also makes sure existing members are happy and their needs are being heard. On the admin side, the role holder is responsible for capturing and updating member’s personal details, both for the club and the district’s benefit.

This role would suit someone with a big smile and a friendly, attentive personality down to the ground!

Want to know more? Read a detailed description by clicking here

Vice President of Public Relations

The Vice President of Public Relations (VPPR) is in charge of helping people who’d benefit from joining Spa Speakers find us. The role holder can do this in any number of ways: organising events, social media, website management, getting in touch with the local media etc. Additionally the VPPR is responsible for communicating to existing members: social events, general club business, competitions, special occasion etc.

A role for suitable for the creative, energetic and proactive type!

Want to know more? Read a detailed description by clicking here


The Treasurer plays the very important role of looking after the club funds, keeping a record of monies in/out and paying all of the club expenses (room hire, membership etc) whilst ensuring the club remains financially secure.

Common sense, attention to detail and diligence are the prerequisites for this role!

Want to know more? Read a detailed description by clicking here

Club Secretary

The Secretary plans and organises committee meeting date/venue. The role holder takes the minutes and actions at committee meetings.

A strong time-keeping instinct and organisational acumen are desired traits for this role holder: after all meetings must stay on track and actions must be delivered!

Want to know more? Read a detailed role description by clicking here

Sergeant at Arms

The Sergeant-at-Arms (SAA) is in charge of setting up the room. They arrive early to have the room ready on time and ensure someone to greet guests is always available. This is a most important role: without the SAA, the meeting cannot start! The role holder also keeps an inventory of goods, ensures adequate supplies of Toastmaster materials are at hand and is responsible for replenishing refreshments.

A great role for the meticulous organising sort!

Want to know more? Read a detailed role description by clicking here

Mentor Manager

The Mentor Manager is responsible for making sure all new members are assigned a mentor, and making sure mentoring at the club is being performed to a high standard.

The role holder will know every member of the club, and use their experience and judgement to match mentors to mentees, identify members newly ready to mentor, and offer training, support and encouragement to the mentors so they are as effective as possible.

Want to know more? Read a detailed role description by clicking here

Social Secretary

The Social Secretary leads the club’s social program and is it at the forefront of any special events we run (e.g. educational workshops)

Spa Speakers is a vibrant and fun club because it’s a priority for the committee to nurture our community. By holding regular events where members can get to know one another, the club is not only stronger, but also much more enjoyable. A very important role!

Want to know more? Read a detailed role description by clicking here

Immediate Past President

The Immediate Past President is there to support the new committee, answer any questions and offer the support required to ensure the next set of leaders successfully lead the club.

Want to get involved?

Do you fancy getting involved in the committee? Perhaps you are interested in taking on one of the roles when we elect the next committee or just want to help out? Being part of the committee is a fantastic opportunity to develop leadership skills and work in an energised and enthusiastic team. Please get in touch with any of us to find out more.

Spa Speakers welcomes and encourages your proactive interest!

Further Reading

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