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We did it! We won the President’s Distinguished Award:)

It’s time to celebrate: Spa Speakers has achieved the President’s Distinguished Club Award in 2017/2018! Woohoo!

It’s the 12th time the club has won the highest accolade on the Distinguished Club Program in the 14 years we’ve been going and demonstrates that Toastmasters International recognises us as an exceptionally well run club with a strong educational program, a dedicated committee and excellent administration.

Who made it possible?

Winning the award depends on the effort, enthusiasm and dedication of many members. We’d like to pay a special tribute to the heroes who made it happen in 2017/2018. Make sure you enable images!

The heroes of Spa Speakers in 2017/2018!

On the educational side:

Kash Baga – achieved Advanced Communicator Silver

Louise Weickert – achieved Advanced Communicator Bronze

Layla Fear – achieved Competent Communicator

Ginny Noble – achieved Competent Communicator

Rachael Siggers – achieved Advanced Leader Bronze

Fiona Clayton – achieved Competent Leader

On the administrative side:

Matt Dutton (VPM) – led the recruitment program to bring on a record 37 members

David Thompson (SAA) – against all odds, travelled to London to ensure Spa met the club officer training requirements

Michael Roberts (Treasurer) – ensured the club collected and paid our dues to TMI on time

Harriet Cummings, VPE

Finally, a special mention goes out to vice president of education, Harriet Cummings, who facilitated the achievement of the educational awards by doing a brilliant job of filling roles and speech slots before our regular meetings. Her contribution is so easy to forget because she does her duties with little fanfare and utmost efficiency. Harriet, you are amazing!

Thank you all for playing your part in ensuring we achieved this most prestigious prize again in 2017/2018!

Looking ahead to 2018/2019

The coming Toastmasters year is a big one: it’s our 15th anniversary! As a committee, we’ve done what we can to give the next set of leaders what they need to achieve the award again. It will be a little more complicated due to how the Pathways program impacts the educational part of the points system, but with the evident enthusiasm and commitment of the new leadership team, the future looks bright! Members, please give the new team the support they need to succeed again in winning the President’s Distinguished award!

And for the curious…..

Click here to see our results officially on the Toastmasters International website. And if you are super curious, check out the league table of clubs in our district by clicking here. Fascinating stuff for the stats buff!

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