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Two STARs in one month!

We’ve been awarding members who have made an extraordinary leap in their speaking or have contributed to the club in an exceptional way our STAR award on a monthly basis.

This March, we saw fit to award two STAR awards because of the outstanding efforts two members have made to support the club.

David Cumming!

David Cumming led our club contest, and the result was a slickly organised and buzzing evening that was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Leading a club contest requires quite a few elements to come together well: finding contestants, finding people to assume roles, printing out the paperwork, being aware of the rules and procedures so they can be executed well on the night, and managing drop-outs and no show in a way that does not detract from the evening. David did this all exceptionally. Thank you!

Tom Hebbert!

Our next STAR award goes to Tom Hebbert, who volunteered to take charge of the club newsletter. Tom has been responsible for the last 4 club newsletters, and has been exceptional in his desire to ensure the quality of our communications and to add some new flavour to improve how we message. Tom’s effort allows the committee to focus their attention elsewhere, thus enabling the club to reach higher and farther than before. Thank you!


Who’ll be our next STAR?

The committee deeply appreciates the contributions made by our members, and loves to recognise those who have made exceptional progress in their educational journey. Watch this space to find out who will be our next STAR!


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