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Try the new Pathways program for yourself!

Hello Spa Speakers,

The new Pathways educational program, which replaces the existing Competent Communicator and Competent Leader Programs, will be rolling out Tuesday 20th March. Not long to go!

If it’s still a bit fuzzy as to what the new program is about, even after reading the educational emails we sent over the last few weeks and having heard Tanya Barad, our Area Director, give an explanation about the program at our meeting on 28th February, maybe seeing firsthand the online portal that replaces the physical manuals might help.

Take a look at the new improved Icebreaker project!

You can take a look at what the Ice Breaker project (which many members have already done from their Competent Communicator manual) looks like in the new Pathways program by clicking here:

Next steps

Click through the sample program to get a feel for the new interface, improved educational resources, and how the evaluations will now be collected in the new, digital age of Toastmasters. I think you’ll agree it’s a big improvement.

Any questions, get in touch with with the committee, or drop a note to

All of the above double dutch?

If this is ALL news to you, don’t panic! Here are links to the educational emails we’ve sent out over the past few weeks about the Program, and how it affects those who are currently pursuing the existing educational program. Take a look.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Also from the Toastmasters official website:

Q and A about the program:

More information about the awards and recognition you earn:

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