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Take part in the Spa Speakers Speech and Evaluation contest!

It’s that time again!

Every year, Toastmasters International runs an international speech and evaluation contest. Winners at each club go on to the area, then division, district and finally to the International finals should they succeed at each stage.

Taking part in a club contest is a fabulous learning experience, and naturally we’d like to build on the great success from last year! On top of finding contestants, we also need members to help stage the event through a variety of contest roles; so, if you are not competing, look forward to a request to help us run a fabulous contest!

The event will be on the 14th March, 19:15 at Helen Ley. David Cumming has kindly volunteered to organise this year, so if you want to take part, email him at:

I’m interested! What do I need to do?

I want to enter the contest!

To participate in the prepared speech contest, members must have completed 6 speeches from their Competent Communicator manual if they are to progress to the next round; however don’t let that stop you from putting your name forward; giving a speech in a contest situation is a great learning experience. Speeches must be between 4:30 – 7:30mins, and can be on any subject. Fiona did great last year (and before then too!) and has also written these very helpful tips what makes a winning speech from her observations at more advanced rounds of the contest. Click here to read them!

To participate in the evaluation contest, you have to be a member in good standing. You can read more about contest eligibility here. David Cumming will be working to finding at a minimum 3, and ideally 6 contestants for each contest.

I want to help run the contest!

A contest requires different meeting roles compared to a regular meeting. We need a chief judge and contest chair for each contest (i.e. for the evaluation contest and the speech contest seperately), as well as judges, timekeepers, vote-counters, tie-break deciders and a Sergeant at Arms. The roles will count towards the Competent Leader award (project 6, or Project 10 if taking on the chair roles). David Cumming will be looking for contest chairs and chief judges from our more experienced members, but will aim to fill out the other roles as per our normal meeting role assignment procedure. You can read more about the roles here.

To find out more, get in touch with anyone at the committee, or David Cumming!

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