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Stop, Pause Or Play?

Brigitte Nix. Life Consultant, and much loved member of Spa Speakers!

When a famous artist was asked to what he attributes his phenomenal success he answered with a chuckle in his voice “I don’t stop myself.”

Easier said than done? You’d be surprised. If you are afraid of public speaking but want to find your voice, join us for one of our open meetings as a guest. You will find a very supportive group of people with diverse expertise and experiences, willing to share, learn and most importantly, have fun, fun, fun.

And speaking of fun – how about this cool/fun strategy for moving from STOP to PLAY, playfully, just like a child?

Don’t just read the words though, do it! That’s the way to discover how it works in practice.

Here it goes.

An exercise to try

Find a quiet, private corner.

Think of something you want to achieve. Nothing too heavy, but something which nevertheless switches on the “Oh no, whom are you kidding? YOU couldn’t manage that. Not YOU” voice inside you.

Pause and listen carefully. Check out whose voice is offering you messages to give up on yourself.

Listen to them in your head.

Then, get them out of your head by taking a piece of paper and dividing it into two columns: one column for the GIVE UP messages and one column for the GO FOR IT messages, those messages that you want to hear.

Now, put the messages down in writing and notice how that allows you to hear them without getting into an argument with them. You see clearly and recognise patterns you didn’t see before.

PAUSE at each step and observe how doing what you’re doing makes your body FEEL different.

Move it around

Now, listen to the voice again. When it says “you can’t” observe which direction the I can’t is coming from – your temples? Your ears? The back of you head? Check it out.

Then, just simply, playfully as you did when you were a free child, see yourself picking up the voice from wherever it’s sounding off, see yourself moving it and placing it somewhere outside your head, at a comfortable distance,  somewhere you can have a silent chat with it. You can tell it anything you like … ‘shhhhh’ … ‘yes, I CAN’ …  just about anything you choose … ‘shhhhh’

Getting it together now

So, you’ve recognised the voice; you know who is talking; you’ve written down what you hear, what you’d rather hear and you know how they make you feel. You also know how to move the voice around.

And next time the voice get’s in your way, be yourself, free and playful as a child again, feel yourself repeating back to the voice what it’s trying to tell you, but do it in the voice of your favourite actor, comedian or cartoon character. Actually, be as outrageous as decently possible, even give it a sound track, you choose, just GO FOR IT!

Remember you can always just say ‘Thank you, no’ or simply ‘shhhhh’ and when you’ve started hearing a quiet voice within, that’s the one that thinks you’re o.k.  There you go … Done and dusted? Aha!

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