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How do I deliver a good speech evaluation?

Many thanks to Spa Speakers founder member Trish Bennett, who has written this expert summary on how to evaluate a speech. Trish is a pro at providing feedback that leaves the speaker encouraged and uplifted whilst also offering valuable pointers towards making their next speech even better. If you have a speech evaluation penciled in, reading this post is highly recommended!

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The Spa Speakers Committee

“An evaluation should be constructive. A bland evaluation that says very little, apart from yes, very nice, gives the speaker no encouragement or satisfaction”
Top Tip from Trish!

  1. The purpose of a speech evaluation is to provide an honest reaction in a constructive manner to a speaker’s presentation.
  2. The evaluator is simply giving their own opinion.
  3. This should mention the presentation’s effect on them, what the speaker did well, areas for improvement, and specific recommendations for improvement.
  4. The evaluation should be thoughtfully prepared and presented. To do this, read the speech project information from the relevant Pathways resource or Competent Communicator manual. Each project has a different purpose and objectives, you need to be familiar with these.
  5. The manual will also give an evaluation guide, and lists specific questions about the speech.
  6. Remember that good evaluations will encourage the speaker, and that poor evaluations will demotivate a speaker, who may not come back.
  7. A good evaluation will begin and end with encouragement or praise.
  8. Your time is limited, so don’t try to cover too much, but do cover organisation, delivery, achievement of objectives, what was really good, and a suggestion for future improvement.

P.S. If you have a general evaluation booked in, have a look at Rachael’s GE tips!

Trish Bennett

Founder member and former President at Spa Speakers
I made my icebreaker speech in April 2004. Some of the committee roles I have had include Secretary, Vice President of Membership and Mentor Manager. I was elected President in 2010. I have also taken part in many speech contests, table topics and evaluation. Taking part in contests is very challenging, not least to know you have faced your deepest fears! Founder of Toastmasters International Ralph Smedley said "we work together to bring out the best in each of us, and then apply our skills to help others". That sums up for me the ethos of the club.
Trish Bennett