Spa Speakers

Speaking and leading with confidence, thanks to Spa Speakers

Fiona Clayton, former club president, using her speaking skills for good beyond the club

I find I never know when my Spa Speakers experience is going to come in handy but when those moments arrive the confidence to stand up and have my voice heard is very reassuring.

I was recently at an Amnesty International conference. Amnesty is an organisation I’ve been involved with for many years and I’m passionate about the work that they do. At a point in the conference focusing on good news stories, I was asked to stand and talk about an event that our group had been a part of. Without hesitation I recounted the event and enjoyed doing so.

The experience I have gained at Spa Speakers meant that hearing my voice out loud, being able to project it and having the ability to speak clearly, without ums and ahs, now comes naturally to me. Thank you Spa Speakers.

Fiona Clayton
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