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Spa Speakers wins the Smedley Award 2017/2018!

Amazing news!

Spa Speakers recently won the Smedley Award, which is given to Toastmasters clubs that recruit 5 members or more during August and September. The club not only won the award, but knocked it out of the park; we were the number 1 recruiting club from the 200 clubs+ that make up district 71 – a Toastmasters region that covers over half of UK and Ireland!

That’s an achievement worthy of celebration!

The secret to our success?

One of the reasons I think we have been so successful in this regard is because we make sure each and every guest is made to feel comfortable and welcome. Each member of the club plays their part in creating really relaxing yet educational environment by proactively approaching everyone who comes through our doors, taking the time to answer their questions, then letting the meeting experience we offer speak for itself.

A thank you to our members

A big thanks to all our members for creating a welcoming space for guests, whether or not they decide to join us. Creating this environment is not something the committee can do alone, especially when we have nights with more more than a dozen guests! Let’s continue to make Spa Speakers the most fun, friendly and supportive place in Leamington Spa by treating every person who comes through our doors as a valued and honoured guest.

Big thanks to Matt!

And the biggest thanks of all? To our Vice President of Membership, Matt Dutton. Matt works very hard to answer every guest inquiry in a friendly, efficient and prompt fashion, and makes sure when guests decide to join, they have a very smooth onboarding experience, ensuring they get their badge, their manuals, their login details and their mentor ASAP. By ensuring guests and new members are treated with care he plays a big part in making new Spa Speakers feel part of our family. Keep it up!

Thanks Matt!

Matt Dutton, our very hardworking Vice President of Membership, who helped us become the top recruiting club across the 200 clubs that form district 71 in the UK and Ireland to win the Smedley Award.

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