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How does Pathways affect the Distinguished Club Award?

Like all Toastmasters clubs, Spa Speakers aims to be the best public speaking and leadership club it can be. Each year, we aspire to achieving the hallowed President’s Distinguished Award, and as a club have been very successful in doing so (click here to read about our track record).

Achieving the award depends in large part on whether we successfully support members in completing educational awards. You might be asking: “with the upcoming introduction of the Pathways educational program, how does the criteria for getting the President’s Distinguished Award change?”

Good question!

To answer, take a look at the table below! (make sure you enable images if reading on email)

Err, what does that all mean?

I admit on first glance that’s quite a barrage of information, but, as with many things in life, with a little help all becomes crystal clear. (he says)

First thing you need to know: to achieve the President’s Distinguished Award, the club needs to score at least 9 points out of a total of 10. Right now, 6 of those points are won by supporting members complete a range of educational awards from the current program. That’s what the left column in the table above shows.

What does the stuff in the left column mean?

What you see is the current criteria for scoring educational points towards the President’s Distinguished Award.

Each row represents the criteria to win a single point, and there are 6 rows, meaning a total of 6 points!

Here is a deconstruction of that barrage of acronyms:

  • CC stands for the Competent Communicator award
  • CL stands for the Competent Leader award
  • ACB, ACS and ACG stand for Advanced Communicator Bronze, Silver and Gold awards respectively
  • ALB, ALS and ALG stand for Advanced Leader Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards respectively.
  • DTM stands for the Distinguished Toastmasters (praise be to the highest honour that can be bestowed upon a member!)

Case Study 1:

Hypothetical example: for Spa Speakers to achieve 6 out of the possible 6 educational points towards the President’s Distinguished Award, Ginny and Elaine will both need to complete their CCs to get a point, Layla and Matt will both need to complete their CCs to get a further point, Kash will have to complete his ACS to get a third point, Louise will need to complete her ACB to get a fourth point, Fiona will need to complete her CL to get a fifth point, and either Rachael or Fiona will need to complete their ALB to get the final possible point.

What does the stuff in the right column mean?

This shows the new criteria for winning educational points towards the President’s Distinguished Award through the new Pathways Program. Again, each row represents the requirements to score an individual educational point, and again there are 6 points in total to be won.

If we take the first entry in the right column as an example, this shows the club needs to have helped 4 members achieve their Level 1 award on the Pathway they are on to get 1 educational point.

Case Study 2:

Hypothetical example: Spa Speakers Paul, Diana, Tom and Michael have enthusiastically embraced the new educational program and are now working on the Presentation Mastery, Persuasive Influence, Effective Coaching, and Team Collaboration Pathways respectively. All 4 must reach level 1 of their chosen Pathway for the club to get a single point towards the President’s Distinguished Award.

What happens during the transition, while we are running both programs concurrently?

The club can “mix and match” and score educational points from supporting members achieve awards from both the new Pathways program and the previous one. However; when the Competent Communicator and Competent Leader programs are retired in approximately 2 years after the Pathways launch in March 2018, points can only be achieved through Pathways.

Why is this relevant to me?

We’d like all our members to be committed to the success of the club as a whole, and achieving the President’s Distinguished Award is a HUGE part of that endeavour. We want all members to understand and be proactive in achieving their chosen educational awards, not just for themselves, but for the success of Spa Speakers as a whole! It is doubly important to have this awareness if you are on the committee, or thinking about serving in the future.

If you have any questions get in touch with the committee!

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