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Letter to the club: plans for 2018

Hello members,

Here at the committee, we are passionate about making Spa Speakers the best it can be. Over the last 6 months we’ve done our best to make the club the most fun, friendly and supportive place in Leamington Spa, and we are planning to do the same over the next 6 months. Why just 6 months? Because by 1st July 2018, as per Toastmasters tradition, the club will have elected a new committee to lead the club for the coming year (so, members, be ready to heed the call to serve!)

We also aim to achieve the President’s Distinguished Club Award, which is the top award a Toastmasters Club can earn (we have a great track record on winning this and wish this to continue). We’ll do this mainly by helping our members achieve their educational awards. That does mean we’ll need the help of Layla, Elaine, Matt Dutton, Ginny, Fiona, Rachael and Louise, who must complete their awards before end of June. Huge thanks in advance!

So without further ado, here’s what in store in 2018 at Spa Speakers!

Plans for 2018


Area 39 Club Officer Training on 3rd February 2018 (Organised by Jas and Tanya,  our Area Director)

Spa Speakers Quiz Night on 3rd February 2018 (Organised by Fiona)


Spa Speakers Speech and Evaluation Contest on 14th March (Organiser TBC)

Social on 10th March (Organised by Harriet and Ginny) (where TBC)

Roll out of new Educational Program: Pathways


Open Mic Night in April (TBC) (Organised by Jas)

Speech Evaluation Workshop on 18th April (Organised by Fiona and Rachael)

Electing the committee to lead Spa Speakers between July 2018 – June 2019


Self-Limiting Belief Workshop on 16th May (Organised by Jas and Jill)

Meal Out at Castle Balti on 18th May (Organised by Matt Dutton)


Table Topics Education Workshop in June (TBC) (Organiser TBC)

Additionally, we’ll be doing a range of things to introduce novelty and challenge to our members-only meetings. Rest assured we won’t stray from the Toastmasters educational program, but do hope to add a little sugar and spice to proceedings!

We hope you are looking forward to what we have in store.

Questions? Please get in touch with anyone on the committee!

See you all soon!

– The Spa Speakers Committee


For those of you interested, here are some highlights from our first 6 months of this TM year (July – December 2017).

  • Welcomed 20 new members to the club (thanks Matt)
  • Ran a Rhetoric and Team Building Workshop (Thanks Fiona)
  • Kash Baga acheived his Advanced Communicator Silver Award (Thanks Kash)
  • David Thompson was awarded Distinguished Service Award at the District Conference (thanks David)
  • Fiona has run a fabulous, active social program for the club (Thanks Fiona)
  • Created a series of welcome emails to help new members get acquainted with the club (Thanks Jas)
  • Harriet got published in the Toastmasters International Magazine on behalf of the club (Thanks Harriet)

There is a quite a bit more, too much to mention alas and we understand you might not want to read it all 🙂

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