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Joining Spa Speakers: Zoe’s Story


Our former Vice President of Membership shares what her first 9 months at Spa Speakers was like!

Zoe's Story

I’ve been attending Toastmaster meetings at Spa Speakers for nearly 9 months now. I remember the first night I attended in mid Feb as it was a Valentines themed evening.  I also remember the conversation I had with my husband before I left for the evening which was something along the lines of him saying “I can’t imagine you joining anything like that!”

I didn’t have a clue what “that” was going to be like either but I do remember thinking after the first session that I’d definitely like to attend “that” again!  And so I did!

There was no hesitation in my mind after one meeting that I’d found a club that could help me to improve my public speaking skills and assist in my professional development which was my original mission.

Everyone has their own goals and objectives. Some want to accomplish as many speeches as possible in a short time, some are in no rush and simply attend to participate in the fun ‘think on your feet’ table topics or practice their evaluation techniques on other speakers.

Every meeting is energetic, fun and friendly. Everyone gets an opportunity to participate (if they want to) and there are always plenty of roles available at every meeting to get involved in something different.  There is nothing else I can think of where you can get such honest and constructive feedback in such a relaxed environment.

In addition to this and without sounding too corny, I’ve also found a club where I have met lovely friends and a variety of interesting people from all walks of life. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!

Zoe Eccleson
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