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Joining Spa Speakers: Steve Bird

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What’s it like joining Spa Speakers? Steve Bird shares his early experience with us.

The Spa Speakers Committee

Steve's Story

I have been a member of the Spa speakers group for a very short time having been introduced to the group by a friend. I must confess my expectation level was not very high. However, having attended approximately 10 meetings, I can say without doubt, that I am very pleased I was provided with the opportunity as I am finding the meetings enjoyable and fun. I am also hopeful they will help me improve my current (very poor) presentation abilities.

Club atmosphere

I have found the general atmosphere of the group meetings to be very friendly and supportive. Each meeting is organised with a full and varied agenda and there are many opportunities for everyone to participate at each meeting. We have also had theme and competition nights during my first 10 meetings.

Looking Ahead

I have just completed my first presentation and although I was very nervous I was pleased with the end result. I have received a lot of positive comments and suggestions on how I can improve. I am now actually looking forward to my next presentation in the new year.


Steve Bird
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