Spa Speakers

Joining Spa Speakers: Rachael’s Story

Fellow Toastmasters,

Rachael (who might just be our most energising member!) has kindly shared her experiences of Toastmasters and Spa Speakers. This is a great read so enjoy!

The Spa Speakers Committee

My first experience with Toastmasters

I first heard of Toastmasters many years ago (16!) in my last year at Teacher’s College in New Zealand.  A visiting teacher came to our class and told a story. The way that he spoke entranced us and I thought ‘I want to learn to speak like that!’  I asked him about it after class, and he told me about Toastmasters. I went along to my first meeting that week and was immediately hooked!  At age 21 I was the youngest member of our club, and our eldest was 90 years old – very inspiring.  I loved the fact that the club was made up of such diverse members, who were all there to have fun and strive to do their best in a friendly supportive environment.

Tangible benefits

This was the first of three New Zealand clubs that I belonged over the next couple of years. I then became a tour guide which meant that for the following 8 years I could not commit to any club as I was always on the road, however I would often turn up at clubs as a visitor if my night in that town matched their meeting night! My Toastmaster’s experience in tour work was invaluable.  On only my second tour on I had to organise and speak to over 80 passengers. I felt confident doing so, and reflected afterwards that this confidence was due to Toastmasters.

Finding Spa Speakers

It wasn’t until 2010 that I was settled down enough to re-join Toastmasters as a member, and this was when we came to live in England. When we made the decision, one of the first things I did was to check out online where the closest club would be. I was excited to discover Spa Speakers, in cycling distance of Kenilworth! I felt at home straight away. It was reassuring to find that even though I was on the other side of the world, some things were the same! I served as the secretary of the club for one year, and thoroughly enjoyed being part of the committee. I have recently returned to the club after a break when my daughter was born, and am loving being back.  I really enjoy preparing for speeches and roles, and always feel really positively charged at the end of each meeting!

Rachael Siggers