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Joining Spa Speakers: Louise’s Story

Louise Weickert, former Vice President of Public Relations and Secretary.

Dear Toastmasters,

Louise Weickert, who has served on the committee and has achieved the Advanced Communicator Bronze and Advanced Leader Bronze awards has shared her story with Spa Speakers. Big thanks to Louise for this article, and for her ongoing contribution to the success of the club.

The Spa Speakers Committee

Fellow Spa Speakers,

I am probably one of the few people who were prompted to join Toastmasters International having read about it in a careers book. Most people come to us through a personal recommendation or through the internet. Having read that such an organization exists it seemed to be fate that there was a Toastmasters International club just up the road! I wanted to improve my presentation skills but my current role didn’t give me much scope to do that, so I decided I would need a resource outside of work.

Plucking up the courage

I did put it off for quite a while before I finally plucked up the courage to go to a meeting. I received an extremely warm welcome, I liked the diversity of the group and it was fun. I wanted to join after one meeting as I realized this was a safe and encouraging atmosphere in which to practice. The first time I spoke at the club was quite terrifying but it has got easier and easier.

Unexpected benefits

I was in a hurry to finish my first ten speeches, but my mentor advised me not to neglect the different meeting roles. In the end I think I have learnt more from taking on the different roles, especially serving on the committee. I have been Vice President of Public Relations and Secretary. These roles have given me the chance to do things that are quite different to the things I do at work and I enjoy having input into how the club is run.

New challenges

Toastmasters International is great for continually giving you opportunities to get out of your comfort zone. When I entered the area table topic competition, it definitely felt very uncomfortable!

Louise Weickert
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