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Is it time you became a mentor?

Is it time you helped a new member get started at Spa?

If you’ve been with the club for a while (say 6 months or more) you’ve probably acquired enough knowledge and experience to support a new member in taking those scary first steps getting acquainted with the club. Spa Speakers continues to succeed as a safe, supportive and fun place to learn public speaking because every generation of members volunteers to give back by themselves providing mentoring support to newer members when they’re ready. Is it time you gave back?

I’m not ready, surely?

You might think you aren’t experienced enough, but if you know about how the club runs, have got some experience with the Pathways educational program and have evaluated speeches successfully a few times, there is a good chance you are ready. It’s worth mentioning that becoming an effective mentor is an intrinsic part of Toastmasters International’s educational program.

I want to give back. How do I sign-up?

Becoming a mentor is incredibly rewarding. If giving back to the club appeals to you, get in touch with the mentor manager at for more information. Warning: you might be approached to mentor because you’ve already demonstrated the qualities required. Be ready to heed the call!

Where can I find out more?

Click button below for some more information about mentoring at Spa, written from the standpoint of a mentee.

A guide to mentoring at Spa

We give this physical flyer out to all new members and their mentors so they have a shared understanding of what to expect from each other. Take a look!

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