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How do I use D71?

Picture the scene: we are 15 minutes from starting our regular Spa Speakers meeting. The Toastmaster of the evening, anxious to run a fun and efficient session, can see on the agenda that certain members who are assigned to do key roles have not yet turned up, but neither have they confirmed or declined them. Are they coming??


The Toastmaster of the Evening when speakers or key role holders haven’t turned up!

It’s 19:30. Panic stations! Now members giving speeches might not have an evaluator, the warm-up might not happen, or Table Topics might end up a rushed and messy affair.

It’s pretty stressful, and can disrupt the meeting experience for all members.

The above can be avoided if all members take the leap and fully engage with D71, the website Spa Speakers uses to organise meetings and keep the club running smoothly.

Not sure what it is? Click here!

It would be fabulous if every member took the time to learn how to use the D71 website and use it regularly, both to make meetings more awesome, and to help the Vice President of Education and the evening’s Toastmaster have a more enjoyable time! (Remember, one day, you will be Toastmaster of the Evening too!)

An additional benefit: if we know you are coming, there is more chance you will get a role.  The committee often prioritise giving roles to those who have told us they will be there (for reasons explained above). You are also welcome to volunteer to do roles (although the Vice President of Education, who’s job is to ensure every member gets a good educational experience, may have to give you another role if the situation requires it)

OK, enough chit-chat. Let’s get down to business. To help the club be the best it can, read on!

Step 1: How to login!

Let’s start at the beginning!

The Vice President of Education (VPM)  will have sent you your log in details to when you joined. (email the VPM if you don’t know what they are, or have forgotten and they will help!)

To get into the system, type in in the address bar of your internet browser. This is what the home page looks like:


Type in your username and password in the top left hand side of the page (highlighted above by the red circle), and click log in.

You should now be logged in. The following page will come up.

You’ll see in the top left hand side your name appear (“Welcome yourusername“), which confirms you are now able to access all the benefits of the page!

Any problems logging in? Get in touch with the Vice President of Membership!


Step 2: Find the meeting agenda page

The first thing you should do is see if you have been assigned a meeting role or a speech slot for the next meeting is by clicking on the link “Spa Speakers” on the left hand side (highlighted below by the red circle). This takes you to the agenda for the next meeting.


This is the agenda for the next meeting:



Step 3: Confirm attendance and accept your role

There are 2 important things you should do here, about a week before every meeting:

Confirm or decline attendance
There is a button to enable you to confirm you will be attending the next meeting (highlighted above). To confirm attendance, click on the green thumbs-up image. If you won’t attend the meeting on this occasion, click the red thumbs-down image. If your circumstances change, you can always log in again and update your attendance.

Confirm or decline an assigned role
If your VPE has assigned you a role, your name will appear on the right hand side next to that role, along with accept/decline buttons (highlighted above). Scroll down to see all the meeting roles. Please accept the role a week before the next meeting (click the green thumbs-up button to accept the role, or the red thumbs-down button to decline). If you need to decline, please do so as soon as possible so an alternative member of the club can be offered your role on a timely basis.


Step 4: If you are giving a speech, enter your speech details

In addition, if you are a speaker, please enter the details of your speech (title, manual and project number) at least a day or two before the meeting. Click on the pencil icon next to your name.


A smaller window will appear. Enter your speech title.


Please also add some information about you and/or about your speech so that the Toastmaster of Evening can introduce you properly. For example (image zoomed in so that it’s easier to read):


Then click on the tab “Workbook/Speech”. Select your manual from the workbooks available (or choose “Start a new workbook”), and pick the project number that corresponds to your speech.

Then, remember to click on the “Save” button on the upper right corner. This will save your speech details into the agenda, ready to be printed! It will also be added to your records.


If you don’t do this yourself, please make sure you email these details to the Toastmaster of the evening before the meeting starts. It’s also a good idea to check that your VPE got the right details, by sending an email after the meeting.

Level 2: Making the most out of

Ok! That’s the basics covered! The functions described above are essential to help your fellow toastmasters run meetings smoothly, but there are many additional features in that can help you with your communication and leadership goals.

Click here to find out what they are!

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