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How do I develop my team building skills at Spa Speakers?

“A team is a group of people who work together to accomplish a common goal.” – Competent Leader Manual

The role of a leader is facilitate a team towards achieving an objective. You’ll have to select your team, set goals, parameters, develop plans and build trust across the team to achieve your objective. It’s a vital leadership skill that can only be learned and refined through practical experience; however, getting opportunities to gain such experience or getting good constructive feedback on how you did in the workplace can be a challenge.

Enter Spa Speakers!

At Toastmasters clubs, opportunities to develop team building skills are continually created to enable members to grow and develop as leaders in a safe, supportive and fun environment. Additionally, the committee is often very busy running the club and would greatly appreciate your support in taking charge of some aspect of the club. Taking on a team building project from the educational program is a great opportunity to not only support the club, but also gain valuable practical leadership experience AND earn a credit towards your Toastmasters leadership award (Project 10: Team Building).

Here are the projects (click here to see the projects if you are reading this on email)

Role Opportunities to complete the project at the club
Perform the role of Membership Campaign Chair The club is continually recruiting members, but there are 2 periods during the year where recruiting members will earn us award ribbons from Toastmasters International. You could support the Vice President of membership by leading the charge during those periods as Membership Chair
Perform the role of Club Public Relations Campaign Chair Getting the word out about the club is essential to ensure we prosper and thrive. The Vice President of Public Relations would welcome members getting leading efforts to promote the club on any one of the following fronts: running events; taking charge of our social media; leafleting; getting us on local media; or anything else
Perform the role of Club Speech Contest Chair We run 2-3 contests each year, and each one needs to be organised and led. Finding the contestants (up to 6) and contest administrators (up to 25), making sure the procedures and rules are followed and running a smooth event is a fun and challenging learning opportunity. The committee would be grateful for your support
Perform the role of Special Event Chair We take pride at Spa Speakers in runing high quality events, be they social events, educational workshops or training days to enrich the club experience for our members. Play your part in making Spa Speakers the best club it can be by volunteering to lead one of our planned events
Perform the role of Newsletter Editor We take pride in sending out a high quality newsletter out to our members regularly. Putting the content together, asking for contributions and delivering a magical communication for the club is a big deal. You can support the Vice President of Public Relations by taking charge of the newsletter for 6 months
Perform the role of Club Webmaster The club’s website needs to be maintained and updated with pictures, new blog posts, up-to-date information, as well as making sure the backend is all working well. 95% of our new members come from interest generated by our website so it’s really important that it looks good and runs well. Help the Vice President of Public Relations by taking charge as Club Webmaster

Get in touch!

If you are keen on taking your leadership skills up a notch and need more information about these roles, either get in touch via, email your mentor, or speak to a committee member at a club meeting.


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