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Club speech contests are highlights of the Spa Speakers year. We run up to three contests nights annually: a humorous speaking and Table topics contest; a prepared speech and evaluation speech contest; and a Tall Tales contest. We get to hear great speeches, experience the heightened energy of a contest environment, and get to celebrate and support our winners, who will represent our club at the area contest.

There is a price to pay for all that fun. Organising a club contest is quite a lot of work. The organiser must find contestants (up to 12 for a contest evening), and fill 18+ seperate roles to administrate the contest itself. There is a lot of paperwork to sort out, rules to follow, briefings to conduct and, sometimes, stress to deal with when things aren’t going smoothly. (Read about the details of running a contest here and here)

The person who organises the contest is a volunteer who is passionate about the club, and you can make their lives so much easier if you, as a member of Spa Speakers, could follow just a few small, simple steps. By so doing, you not only are helping the organiser, but are ensuring the contest itself is run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Want to help? Then read on!

6 Simple things to help the contest organiser!

If you are taking part, you can massively help the person leading the contest hugely by doing these simple things:

  • If you are asked to do a role, accept it! You’ll be asked only if we felt you are ready and would benefit from doing it
  • Respond quickly – the sooner you respond to communications from the organiser, the easier it is for the organiser
  • Be responsive to the organiser’s communications, be they email, phone or text
  • If you accept but can no longer do a role, let the organiser know as far ahead of the event as possible so they can find a replacement
  • If you are given an adminstration role, read up on the role so you are as prepared as possible
  • fill in any paperwork you are asked to as part of the contest rules and procedures

The contest organiser will be forever grateful if you do these simple things and, as a result, the contest itself will be more efficient, less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone!

Thanks in advance for helping Spa Speakers be the most fun, friendly and supportive place it can be!

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