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Expand your comfort zone and speak at another club: opportunity on 19th March in Northamption!

Expanding your comfort zone is a key part of the Toastmasters experience.

When we first join Spa Speakers, presenting to our members can be pretty intimidating. What’s great however is that by regularly giving speeches and doing meeting roles, we eventually get rather comfortable presenting to the familiar and friendly faces at the club, and often start to really enjoy it. Woohoo, our comfort zone has expanded!

Expanding your speaking horizons beyond Spa Speakers

Many of us wish to transfer the skills we develop at the club to other settings, e.g. work. This often represents the next, but often intimidating step towards expanding our comfort zone further. Eek!

However, as a Spa Speaker, you have an another option!

It’s one of the great things about Toastmasters that the option to speak at other Toastmasters clubs (for free) is always open to its members.  Other TM clubs are friendly and supportive like we are, but also have an unfamiliar audience, so  it’s a great bridging step between speaking at your regular club, and speaking to a wider audience. All it takes is a bit of arranging! If you are interested in experiencing speaking to a different (but friendly) audience, get in touch with the committee and we’ll help facilitate the process. Contact

You can find a list of all clubs local to us by clicking here.

Speaking opportunity at Northamption Speakers on 19th March!

Northampton Speakers will be running their club speech evaluation contest on the 19th March and have asked Spa Speakers if anyone would like to give a 5-7 minute speech that will be evaluated by their evaluation speech contestants. Anyone who takes up the opportunity will not only get an opportunity to speak in a new setting and stretch themselves, but also get multiple evaluations from members at a different club. Awesome! (Don’t forget, we have our own contest on 14th March!)

Get in Touch ASAP if you want to go for it!

Daniel Sandars, who is Vice President of Education and Public Relations for Northampton Speakers as well as Division H Director has kindly opened the opportunity up to Spa Speakers before looking further afield, and will need to know by 28th February if anyone wants to take advantage of the opportunity and expand their comfort zone! They hold meetings in the Purple Room at the Old White Hart, A508, Far Cotton, Northampton, NN4 8BS Parking is available behind the pub. (meetings start at 7:15pm)

If you are interested, contact right away!


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