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What on earth does the Vice President of Public Relations do?

Spa Speakers is looking for the next set of leaders for our wonderful club for the period July 2018 – June 2019! The current committee hopes to have the new committee in place by end of April and so begins the process of making members aware of the incredible opportunity leading the club presents.

Click here for a quick introduction to the process.

This educational email has been created to help members understand what the Vice President of Public Relations (VPPR) committee role entails and why it’s a great learning opportunity.

So, if you were the VPPR, what would you do?

First of all, how long a time commitment is it?

The baseline time requirement for the VPPR role is around 1 hour a week, but of course you can do as much as you like.

Have an hour a week to spare? Then read on!

Why should I take on the role?

It’s a huge opportunity. You get to play a key leadership role on the Spa Speakers Commmittee; be creative; and learn a whole host of new skills.

If you’ve ever wanted to become effective in promoting, publicising and marketing, being VPPR for Spa Speakers provides an unparalleled real-world learning opportunity to find out how. The impact of your marketing and PR efforts can be directly measured by the number of guests that come and visit our regular meetings. By assuming the VPPR role, you gain first-hand experience as to what works, and what doesn’t, and you can take all that practical knowledge to your workplace or business.

You would be the club’s PR Guru

For the club to thrive, we need to attract new members. And to attract new members we need to get the word out about the club to the wider world. The responsibility lies on the shoulders of the VPPR, so it’s a very important role.

What tools are at the disposal of the VPPR to promote the club?

In the modern media landscape, there are tonnes of ways of attracting attention.

Let’s go through them!

You would get us in the local media

You’d be looking at ways to make what we do at the club newsworthy, and then get in touch with the local papers and radio so we can spread the word.


  • Spa Speakers in The Leamington Observer: click here to read
  • Spa Speakers on Touch FM: click here to listen

You would promote the club to the world on social media

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram have been enormously effective in generating interest in the club. By frequently posting on our accounts, you’ll bring in a steady stream of inquiries for the Vice President of Membership to follow up on.

  • See our Facebook page: click here
  • See our Twitter page: click here
  • See our Instagram page: click here
  • See our Google+ page: click here

You would make sure all online information about the club is up to date

Making sure our online calendar, meeting schedule information, contact details, and information about the current committee is up to date online is absolutely essential.

Some key things to keep up to date:

  • Meeting schedule on google calendar: click here
  • Contact details, photos, meeting times, committee profiles etc. on our website: click here
  • Contact details, photos, meeting times etc. on TMI: click here
  • Contact details, photos, meeting times etc. on D71: click here
  • Contact details, photos, meeting information on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ accounts

You would take the lead in communicating and promoting events to our members

Delivering great communications to our members is essential to maintaining our trademark fun, vibrant and supportive club environment. The VPPR would take charge of the newsletter, and ensure the various events and activities we do throughout the year, e.g. socials and contests, are a success by promoting them effectively.

As VPPR you would take charge of:

  • The club’s mailing list (so all our members get our communications)
  • The club’s fortnightly newsletter
  • Taking photos at club meetings and events

On the educational side, The VPPR would make sure the following are up to date and active:

  • The club’s “Welcome the club” email series
  • Educational blogging on our website

You would make sure all our promotional materials at club meetings are fit for purpose

  • Our guest flyers and new member welcome packs are up to date
  • Our display materials (e.g. our foldout display at reception) is up to date and looks good
  • The promotional materials we display at club meetings are of a high standard and up to date

You would lead surveys about how members are finding the club

The committee exists to serve its members, so maintaining regular, frequent channels of communication open with everyone is essential so we get feedback on what the committee is doing well, and where it can improve.

This means:

  • Taking the lead on encouraging the completion of and collecting regular meeting feedback (post it notes at the end of each meeting)
  • Running anonymous online surveys using SurveyMonkey or similar tools


As you can see, there is huge scope for learning in the role. If you are interested and want to find out more, get in touch with the committee at the next meeting OR email

We’d love you to be our VPPR!

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