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What on earth does the Vice President of Membership do?

Spa Speakers is looking for the next set of leaders for our wonderful club for the period July 2018 – June 2019! The current committee hopes to have the new committee in place by end of April and so begins the process of making members aware of the incredible opportunity leading the club presents.

Click here for a quick introduction to the process.

This educational email has been created to help members understand what the Vice President of Membership (VPM) committee role entails and why it’s a great learning opportunity.

So, if you were the VPM, what would you do?

First of all, how long a time commitment is it?

The baseline time requirement for the VPM role is around 2 hours a week, but of course you can do as much as you like.

Have a couple of hours a week to spare? Then read on!

The VPM aims to create an incredible club experience for guests and members

The VPM is the chief ambassador for the club. The role is made up of three main parts.

  1. The first aspect is giving guests a warm and welcoming first impression of the club; that means answering emails in a friendly and efficient way, and then doing everything possible to take care of guests when they visit.
  2. The second aspect starts after a guest decides to become a member; the VPM makes sure new members are looked after and are properly acclimated to the club.
  3. Last but definitely not least, the VPM’s job is to maintain strong relations with every member to ensure they are happy and getting the most out of the club. If someone is not having a good time at the club, the VPM will be the first one on the case to work out why and find a resolution.

Why should I take on the role?

Making first contact with someone interested in your product, service or organisation, then encouraging them to become a member, client or customer is a hugely important transferable skill, and being VPM will give you first hand experience.

You will develop effective written communication, interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, and plenty of discipline and organisation to effectively follow up with multiple prospective members if you take on the role.

Once a prospect decides to become a member, you’ll need to work collaboratively with other committee members to ensure a host of steps are taken to quickly and efficiently bring members into club fully. This requires strong leadership and delegation skills.

Overall, you’ll develop a fantastic range of skills that you can use at work, in your business, for your community, or in any sales related context.

You would be the first point of contact for prospects

When a prospect gets in touch with the club (99% of the time it’s email) you are the first person they interact with. Will you be warm, friendly, and importantly, timely in getting back to the inquiry; or slow, robotic and impersonal? If it’s the latter you’ve immediately made a less-than-ideal impression and have significantly reduced the chances of that person paying us a visit at all, let alone becoming a member. The way you deal with those initial contacts is absolutely critical.

And it’s not just a case of answering the first query and leaving it at that.

An effective VPM will gently remind prospects that a meeting is happening a couple of days in advance, and follow up after visits to encourage a second visit. Where a prospect hasn’t visited when they said they would, the VPM will be diligent in contacting that person again; as some of us know, cracking a fear like public speaking is not easy, and can often result in ambivalence when it comes to visiting at all. A gentle nudge is often all it takes and generally quite welcome!

You would be in charge of creating a great experience for first time visitors

Having made a great first impression via email, the next stage is to make the meetings themselves as warm, welcoming and as unintimidating as possible for the visitor. Having members at the door to greet guests as they come through the door, having a visible welcome sign up at reception so they know they are at the right place, making sure all members and guests have name badges, having guest flyers ready to hand out, and most importantly, making sure guests are attended to, not just when they arrive, but also during recess and when they leave, should be foremost on the mind of the VPM. A great VPM will remain attentive as to how regular meetings can be improved in order to make the guest experience as good as it can be, and act quickly to make the requisite improvements.

One cool change we’ve made at the club is ensuring the cafeteria is manned at recess and before the meeting begins to create a really warm and hospitable environment.

What else do you think we could do?

You would lead the process of onboarding members

Once a guest decides to take the plunge, a number of things need to be done. The application form needs to be sent out, completed and filed, payment taken, accounts set up for D71 and TMI, TMI paid to officially register the new member, badges created, a mentor assigned, a welcome pack sent, and introductory emails to help new members acclimate sent out. The VPM is responsible for making this happen, and will lead the process working with the Treasurer, Vice President of Public Relations and the Mentor Manager / Vice President of Education.

You would maintain relationships with all members

It doesn’t end once a guest becomes a member. The VPM is concerned with ensuring each and every member is happy and engaged with the club. Often, members go through periods where life is too busy to attend on a regular basis and decide to leave the club for a while. The VPM is the key person on the committee responsible for keeping in touch with former members, in view of encouraging them to rejoin when the time is right. A great VPM will be personally in touch with current members too to see if they are getting what they want out of the club, if we are meeting their expectations, and what we might do to make their experience at Spa better.


As you can see, there is huge scope for learning in the role. If you are interested and want to find out more, get in touch with the committee at the next meeting OR email

We’d love you to be our VPM!

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