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Division E contest update: how did Fiona do?

Huge congratulations to Fiona who delivered, in typically brilliant fashion, a top class evaluation at the Division E finals in Durham on 21st April.

The venue of this year’s Division E contest. Wow!

How did Fiona do?

Alas, there were disqualifications due to some of the speeches overrunning and Fiona, in her desire to be thorough, was amongst those who overran (we suspect!).


Not to worry, because Fiona’s performance reconfirmed that she is certainly one of the best evaluators in our division; we are very lucky to have her as a role model at Spa Speakers. Thank you Fiona!

What about the International Speech Contest?

The level of the speakers at this year’s prepared speech contest was nothing short of sensational. Anne Dooley from Warrington Speakers, who also won the division E finals last year, took top prize with an incredible speech about social mobility and achieving one’s full potential. She also came second in last year’s district finals (the next level after division), and I think there is a very good chance she’ll reach international level. What a role model!

Thanks for the support!

Huge thanks to David Thompson and Jas who came up to support Fiona on the day. Also thanks to all the members who sent Fiona messages of encouragement before the contest. It’s highly appreciated and Fiona was very touched. Also a big thanks to our club timing lights and stopwatch, both of which made the trip to Durham and assisted the timekeepers at the finals! Well done 🙂

What’s next?

Spa Speakers is all about growth and development, and the contest aspect is best seen as an opportunity to: motivate us to give the best speech we can, speak to new, unfamiliar audiences, speak when the stakes are a bit higher, and discover new role models to observe and emulate. It is massively recommended to attend events at this level just to see where Toastmasters can take a speaker if they put in the work!

Winning contests is great, and you can be assured we will celebrate when we do(!), but the core of what we do is develop our full potential. Keep working on your speeches, and prepare the best speeches you possibly can. Do the work and take full advantage of your membership so when it comes to the next contest it’s you at the division finals!

P.S. and make sure you keep an eye on the clock!

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