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Congratulations Fiona, Area 39 Evaluation Champion!

Fiona Clayton, Area 39 Evaluation Champion (centre), with Tanya Barad, Area Director (left) and Matt Hegarty (right)

Fiona Clayton knocked it out of the park again! On 8th April, she went head-to-head with the 5 best speech evaluators in our area and proved the quality of her craft by taking the top spot at the contest! Absolutely outstanding!

What about the International Speech Contest?

On the International Speech contest front, neither of our club’s first and second placing speakers were able to represent us. We had a substitute speaker ready to take their place; however, in a moment of high drama just seconds before the contest was to begin, Jas was disallowed from participating due to a contest rule technicality. BOO!

What’s next for Fiona?

Fiona will now represent Area 39 in the Division E Evaluation Contest, which comprises of over 30 clubs spread as far north as Newcastle! The contest will be held at Durham Cathedral on Saturday 21st April.We’d love members of the club to come along and support her.

Huge thanks to our supporters!

A massive thank you to Paul, Jan and Joy for coming along to support Fiona and Jas. It makes a huge difference and is greatly appreciated. We hope you learned a tonne and enjoyed the experience.

from left: Jas, Joy, Fiona, Jan and Paul at the Area 39 contest! Thanks for coming out to support us, guys!

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