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How can I develop my organisation and delegation skills at Spa Speakers?

Leaders must ensure organisation, smoothing the road for the team to accomplish its goals and objectives – Competent Leader Manual

Organisation and delegation are essential skills that are best learned through practical experience; however, we often don’t get as many opportunities as we would like in the workplace to develop in this area, or we don’t get the feedback we need to improve. End result: our development in these areas can be delayed.

Enter Spa Speakers!

The committee aims to create lots of opportunities for members to develop organisation and delegation skills in the safe, fun and supportive environment we’ve cultivated at Spa Speakers. You’ll also earn credit towards your Competent Leader award (project 6: Organisation and Delegation). The committee is very busy running the club, so any support from members in delivering some of these projects to create the best club experience possible would be highly valuable. These projects, therefore, are not just abstract learning exercises, but meaningful activities that will positively impact the club.

Take a look at the list below (or click here if you are reading this article via email) to see how you can develop your leadership skills whilst making Spa Speakers the best it can be!

If you are keen on taking your leadership skills up a notch and need more information about these roles, either get in touch via, email your mentor, or speak to a committee member at a club meeting.

Role Opportunities to complete the project at the club
Help Organise a Club Contest We run 2-3 club contests a year. The committee would welcome support from members to deliver a smooth, well run club contest
Help Organise a Club Special Event We run a variety of social events and educational workshops throughout the year. The committee would welcome members coming forward to support their organisation
Help Organise a Club Membership Campaign or Contest The committee, especially the Vice President of Membership, welcomes the support of members in recruiting new members
Help Organise a Club PR Campaign The committee, especially the Vice President of Public Relations, welcomes the support of club members in promoting Spa Speakers to the world
Help Produce a Club Newsletter The Vice President of Public Relations would love to have help from a committed member in producing our regular newsletter. Training would be provided
Assist the Club’s Webmaster The Spa Speakers website needs to be kept up to date with new photos, blogs and up-to-date infomation about club meetings. If you’d like to help, get in touch. Training would be provided
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