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How can I develop my motivation skills at Spa Speakers?

The ability to motivate people – to instill in them a desire to perform in a superior fashion – is one of the most valuable skills a leader can have. – Competent Leader Manual

You’ll get lots of opportunity at Spa Speakers to develop your motivation skills by simply undertaking the following regular meeting roles: Toastmaster of the evening, Speech Evaluator and General Evaluator; however, to complete Project 6: Motivation for your Competent Leader Award, you’ll also be need to perform one of the more challenging roles listed on the table below (if you are reading this on email click here to see the table) that sits outside of regular meetings.

Role Opportunities to complete the project at the club
Perform the role of Membership Campaign or Contest Chair The club is continually recruiting members, but there are 2 periods during the year where recruiting members will earn us award ribbons from Toastmasters International. You could support the Vice President of membership by leading the charge during those periods as Membership Chair
Perform the role of PR Campaign Chair Getting the word out about the club is essential to ensure we prosper and thrive. The Vice President of Public Relations would welcome members leading efforts to promote the club on any one of the following fronts: running events; taking charge of our social media; leafleting; getting us on local media; or anything else

By taking on one of these roles, you get the opportunity to develop your motivation skills in the safe, supportive and fun environment of a Toastmasters club. It can be the case that such leadership opportunities might not be available to you in the workplace, or that you don’t get quality feedback that helps you to improve when they are. Taking on one of the listed roles would not be just an abstract learning exercise as performing either directly impacts the club. The committee would be very grateful for your help, and the club would benefit immensely if you did.

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If you are keen on taking your leadership skills up a notch and need more information about these roles, either get in touch via, email your mentor, or speak to a committee member at a club meeting.

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