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Welcome new member!

Congratulations and welcome to Spa Speakers! You made a super choice! 🙂

This page is here to help you find all the information we think you’ll want to soak up as a new member of our club.

Yes. There is a lot of information, so I strongly recommend you read it at a leisurely pace. The best approach is to dip in as and when needed.  Just bookmark this page!

The Toastmaster International website also has a page dedicated to helping new members get acquainted with the programme. Definitely bookmark that page too. Click here to go that resource.

Warning! This information does not substitute the personal touch that will come from engaging with a club member. That’s why you must do what’s coming next…..

Your first action!

Before you read on, get in touch with the Mentor Manager of the club to find you a mentor. Your mentor will help you get orientated and support you in lots of ways. Your mentor will show you the ropes and answer any questions you might have.

Haven’t been assigned a mentor yet? Don’t wait any longer: click the button below and send a message to the Mentor Manager via the contact form, right away.

I’m new and I need a mentor!

Your second action!

At Toastmasters clubs, the Vice President of Education (VPE for short) is the person responsible for scheduling meeting roles. This is done using a rather obscurely named system called “D71”. You’ll need access to this site to accept these roles as well as book your speeches.

As part of the membership journey, you should have got your log in details from the Vice President of Membership. (If you haven’t email right away) Your next step is to learn how to use it! Click below for an educational.

What is D71 & how do I use it?

5 steps for new members

Please take a look at the following 5 things to get acquainted with the essentials.

  1. Find out how your mentor will support you: click here
  2. Find out more about the Pathways educational programme: click here
  3. Find out how you go about booking and accepting speech and role assignments: click here
  4. Find out about who runs the club and how they do it: click here
  5. Finally, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, InstagramGoogle+, Linkedin, YouTube, and share any content from you like (sharing buttons are on every page!)

If you have any trouble accessing any of the information, please get in touch.

Have fun!