Spa Speakers

Swot up on your meeting role!

You’ve been assigned a role for the first time and you are not sure what to do. Argh!

Not to worry, help is at hand. Here’s what to do!

What do I do when assigned a role for the first time?

1. Speak to your mentor. They will be informed when you are assigned a role for the first time and are there to give you support, advice and guidance. Once you been contacted by the Vice President of Education that you have been assigned a role, we recommend you text, email or phone your mentor to let them know. They can give you a 10-15 minutes coaching session and make sure you are prepared to take it on!

2. If you don’t have a mentor yet, get in touch with the Mentor Manager. Send an email here and we’ll get the ball rolling.

3. Read up your role.

We’ve created a complete guide to all the meeting roles, tailored specifically to Spa Speakers, because every club does things a bit differently. Having one clear, unambiguous set of instructions for our way of doing the various roles had been requested a number of times by our newer members; the guide below is our response to those requests.

Any questions?

Make sure you get in touch with your mentor or a committee member in advance of your role date so they can help you. If you aren’t sure of who to contact, send a message here and we’ll get you lined up with someone.