Spa Speakers

Presentation aids

Fellow Toastmasters,

Need some visual aids when making your speech? If you would like to give a presentation using software such as Powerpoint or Keynote, Spa Speakers offers you the facility of a 50″ HDTV to connect to your personal laptop. If you require a flip chart, this too can be accommodated. Please follow the instructions below to make the arrangements!

Book in the HDTV

As Spa Speakers does not have a club laptop, you will need to bring your own. Here is a list of things you need to bring or consider if you want to use the HDTV display.


  • Your own laptop
  • The relevant software installed (e.g. Office, Keynote etc.)
  • Laptop power supply
  • A copy of the file you wish to present
  • Ensure your laptop has a HDMI out or mini HDMI out port*

*If you are not sure what this means drop the VPPR a line, who’ll make sure the Sergeant at arms (SAA) gets the message. Alternatively contact the SAA directly.

Check availability

If you have everything in the checklist covered, drop the VPPR or SAA a line in advance of your speech (at least a week beforehand) and we can ensure a cable and clicker is available on the day, as well as cover any questions you might have about its usage.

Prepare in advance

As anyone who has ever given a presentation with a technology can testify, setting the equipment up can take longer than anticipated. Delays in setting up result in a late start to meetings, a reduced breaktime for everyone, and a late finish. Out of respect for other members, we recommend you bring your equipment to a meeting before you are due to give your speech to test your equipment fully so when the day comes, the chances of a smooth presentation are maximised. You will have plenty of time to mess around and fix issues at the end of a meeting, and it will not negatively impact anyone elses experience. Know that by preparing well, you will be more confident on the day of your presentation.

Setting up on the day

On the day you are due to give a speech, please arrive a little earlier than usual, 7:00pm ideally, and get in touch with the Sergeant at Arms. Arriving early will give you sufficient time to set up your previously tested configuration, ensure the laptop and HDTV screen function properly together, and apprise yourself of all relevant operation instructions. An early arrival gives you time to deal with any unanticipated hiccups and so avoid risking a late start to the meeting. It also means you will feel less rushed, less panicked and therefore more confident.

Book in the flipchart

Spa Speakers also has a flipchart if that better suits your needs. Please get in touch in advance of your speech so this can be arranged.