Spa Speakers

Get your speech recorded

Fellow Toastmasters,

Watching videos of yourself performing on stage has a number of benefits.

What are they?

  • raises your awareness of how you come across to others,
  • acts as a record of your progress
  • accelerates your development as a speaker if you act on what you see

As a result, those pesky smartphones with video recording capability are actually a rather valuable tool for your development as a speaker. We encourage you to hand your device to whichever member is sitting next to you and have them take a recording.

Don’t be too shy to ask! We all want to support you and will be happy to do it. If you are reluctant to ask whoever is sitting next to you (maybe you are flanked with guests, perhaps not a good idea), do ask a member you are comfortable with before the meeting begins; they will sit next to you and take the video.

For the most part, prepared speeches are where members like to record speeches, but there is also value in having your meeting roles and TableTopics recorded to. It’s always highly illuminating to self-observe.

To get the best video possible, make sure you sit central and near the front so you get the best sound and image capture possible.

Oh, and before you arrive, make sure you have adequate storage space on your device so you get the full video!

Finally, don’t be too hard on yourself. Almost everyone recoils when they see themselves on camera!

See you soon,

The Spa Speakers Committee.