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A Quick Introduction to the Pathways Educational Program

Dear members,

You’ve all been hearing whispers that a new Toastmasters educational program was due to arrive: the mysterious Pathways program. The time has finally come! It will be rolled out to our area on 20th March, so it’s quite important for all of us to become acquainted with it.

Where to begin?

As a starter, watch this 2 minute introductory video from Toastmasters International.

More will be shared imminently. We have Roma Cox, Pathways Ambassador for our area, visiting us on 28th February to give a 30 minute presentation on the program. Make sure you come along.

Three things you need to know about the upcoming change right now

It’s always good to be prepared for when change comes, so here a few things to help get you comfortable with what’s coming right away.

1. Existing members: be aware that you can continue to progress along the current educational program for the next 2 years if you prefer. That means you have quite a bit of time to complete any awards you are currently working towards from the Communicator and Leadership tracks.

2. The basic format of the Spa Speakers meeting will be unchanged by the new program (so you’ll continue to enjoy the same fun meeting format as before)

3. For those wishing to get stuck in to the new program straight away, be aware that you must log in into the official TMI website to participate. Here is the link:

Many of you have probably never had reason to login to the Toastmasters International website before now. Know then that your user name is your email address.  If you have forgotten or never knew your Toastmasters International website password, reset it by going to

Log in now!

More information to come soon, but if you have any questions in the meantime get in touch with the committee.

Hungry for more information?

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