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5 ways to be a good mentee

A good mentee is as important to a productive mentoring relationship as a good mentor.

Mentoring is one of the most important aspects of the Spa Speakers educational program; however, for your mentor to have maximum impact, it’s vital that you, as mentee, play your part too.

Here are 5 things you can do to make your mentoring relationship as successful as possible!

1. Respect Your Mentor’s Time

Your mentor is a volunteer who is taking time out of their life to help you achieve your potential. So:

  • Turn up to meetings on time (whether on the phone or face-to-face)
  • Respond promptly to your mentor’s communications
  • Come prepared

2. Take Responsibility For Your Learning

Your mentor is a guide, not a miracle worker (in most cases anyway!). Guidance from your mentor will point your efforts in the most beneficial direction, but you will have to do the work. Therefore:

  • Be proactive – get in touch with your mentor, ask questions, inquire, come prepared
  • If you are offered guidance that you agree with, record it and put it into practice

3. Keep The Discussion on Track

A mentoring session can easily become an informal chat about matters other than your speaking and leadership skills. We recommend you:

  • Be clear about the scope of your mentoring meeting and respect those boundaries
  • If your mentor begins to veer off-track (it does happen!), gently course correct the discussion back to the point

4. Be Open

A mentor’s capacity to help is often related to how much you share with them. If they don’t know your challenges, they will be less effective in helping you. Make sure that you:

  • Discuss your goals, challenges, experiences and current abilities (to the extent you feel comfortable)
  • Are receptive to what your mentor says – it might not be what you want to hear, but it could be what you need to

5. Commit to the Relationship

For a mentoring relationship to work, both parties need to be committed to a long term relationship. Do:

  • Aim to create personal rapport and warmth with you mentor – make it enjoyable for both of you
  • Make sure your next few 1-2-1 meetings are scheduled in
  • Get in touch each time you are taking a meeting role for the first time
  • Don’t lose touch (it can be awkward to reconnect after a long stretch)

Need Some Help?

The club’s mentor manager is there in case you need to discuss anything about your mentoring relationship (see who it is currently here). Their role is to find a mentor for every member that wants one, provide support and guidance to mentors, and ensure mentees are getting a quality experience.

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