Spa Speakers

What will I learn?

If you are new to Toastmasters, you will work to achieve the Competent Communication and Competent Leadership awards, designed by Toastmasters International.

These foundation level programmes are designed to make you a better, more confident speaker, and develop key leadership skills like effective listening, providing feedback and mentoring. By working through these programs, and putting yourself in the spotlight regularly, you’ll learn to become calm and collected with an audience!

Click the images to find out more about both programmes.

 What kinds of things will I do if I am a member?

Meetings give you the opportunity to take to the stage and practice the following skills on a regular basis:

  • Give an impromptu speech
  • Give a prepared speech
  • Evaluate what you hear
  • Introduce speakers
  • Chair and run meetings

The process of continuous repetition, practice and feedback that the Toastmasters International programme offers will build your confidence and competence in front of an audience.

Already an experienced Toastmaster?

Toastmasters offers a range of advanced programmes to develop speaking skills that meet your particular career and/or personal development goals. Click here to read more. We are lucky to have a number of very experienced members who can guide and support your development as a speaker.