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Spa Speakers is run by enthusiastic and committed volunteers on a part-time basis. Find out more about them, and what they do!

Spa Speakers Officers 2015-2016

President – Fiona Clayton

fionaHello! My name is Fiona and I’m this year’s President of Spa Speakers. I decided to say yes to being President because I’ve gained so much from being a member of Toastmasters and I wanted to give something back to ensure this successful club continues to thrive.
I first attended Spa Speakers three years ago. I sought it out because I work with some very good public speakers and I was inspired to improve my own communication skills. But I didn’t realise just how much I would benefit. My confidence to stand up and speak in front of others has grown massively and this has been noticed by my work colleagues. By taking part in a number of roles in the club I believe I’ve become a better leader and facilitator. And just as importantly, I’ve always found Spa Speakers to be a friendly, supportive club and I’ve made new friends. If you’re looking to improve your speaking and leadership skills in a friendly environment please do get in touch with us. You can come along to a meeting and not have to say a word and I promise you will receive a very warm welcome.



Vice President of Education – David Thompson


Hi there! I’m David and for the 2016-7 year I am looking after our educational programme. 
In particular I am trying to put on a good show at our meetings, so that our members and guests enjoy an entertaining and educational evening where we all feel involved. It is amazing what a wide range of subjects we cover and a wide range of listening, speaking and leadership skills we can develop. Indeed there is plenty of support, feedback and mentoring to enable us to gain confidence and competence.  
I first joined Toastmasters International clubs while living in London and they proved a great way to meet interesting new people and stretch my horizons. When I returned to Warwickshire last year, it was wonderful to find that Spa Speakers was a thriving club with a welcoming atmosphere, a great range of characters and a strong sense of camaraderie. Do come along to see for yourself …


Vice President of Membership – John McNeill


Hi thanks for reading this far! I’m the VPM and my role in the committee is to look after any prospective/new members of Spa Speakers. Mostly this involves making sure guests receive a warm welcome and understand the format of the meetings, process of joining etc. In principle looking after new members.
Big up to Spa Speakers… this is a very friendly and safe environment where you can build on your existing public speaking and leadership skills. There are also various social events through out the year, very much a great Club to be part.
Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and hope to see you at our awesome club soon.


Vice President of Public Relations – Ginny Noble
151111-mug-shot2Hi, my name is Ginny and I have been with Spa Speakers and the role of VPPR for a year!
What attracted me to Spa Speakers? Well, it was the opportunity to exercise my speaking muscles (my new favourite phrase compliments of TC!) and to practice new speaking and presenting techniques in a safe and encouraging setting which is something that a company environment never offers.
But what has impressed me so much with Spa Speakers?I have never met with such a bunch of enthusiastic, fun and supportive people!!!I look forward to every meeting because I know I will learn a huge amount and have a good laugh at the same time 🙂
When I am not at Spa Speakers, I work in IT Procurement and live with my husband of 20 years and our cat-babies.
Treasurer –  Abbi Sewell


Hello, my name is Abbi and I am the treasurer of Spa Speakers for this year. The treasurer role involves paying and receiving monies for Spa Speakers and keeping the accounts up to date. I’ve been with Spa Speakers since Jan 2016 after deciding as part of my New Year’s resolution to work on improving my communication and public speaking skills. I enjoy being a member of Spa Speakers as the members are extremely warm, welcoming and supportive, it really is a safe environment to practice public speaking. I look forward to every meeting as I am always learning new tips and ways of improving my communication and leadership skills. Come along to a meeting and see for yourself!!


Secretary – Elaine Clarke


I am acting as Secretary to the Club this year. The role involves keeping a record of decisions made by the Committee and ensuring Committee meetings are well planned.
I enjoy being a member of Spa Speakers. I believe it is a  fantastic opportunity to improve communication and leadership skills in a professional and energising environment .
Sergeant At Arms – Harriet Cummings

Hello, I’m Harriet.

I confess, it took me a while to first come to Spa Speakers. Standing up in front of a room full of people has always been my idea of hell in a boardroom. Why would anyone put themselves through that?? But, six months on, I can honestly say I love being part of this group of people – they gave me such a warm welcome and have since supported my progress with both specific feedback and general good vibes! I encourage anyone who is tempted to give it a go, you won’t find a nicer place to face your fear of public speaking.

Immediate Past President – TC Gill


Hi My name is Tarlochan Gill (pronounced: Tar-Lock-An Gill (as in fish Gill). But most people call me TC. I joined Spa Speakers to overcome my fear of public speaking. My aim is to become a passionate, confident and effective public speaker. Delivering serious subjects with a touch of humour to engage the crowd. Through public speaking, my dream is to make a difference to peoples lives.
Spa Speakers is filled with great people. I love being around good, intelligent, kind & helpful people. The perfect environment to grow your speaking and leadership skills.

I used to be a serious Geek. But have now managed to De-Geek and work as Business Coach. I create high performing teams around ambitious and passionate individuals.

I am in a long term relationship with my fine lady Rebecca Jones (25 years), and we have a beautiful 8 year old daughter Liana (she is just the best!! I mean that).

I love to have a good laugh, and try to inject humour and passion into everything I do.

Onwards and upwards fellow Toastmasters :-).



What does the committee actually do?

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